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Dj Noumenon & Tim Martell – Radio Hi-Jack Vol. 1

Shoutout to the homie DJ Noumenon, for this new mix that he teamed up with Tim Martell for. If you are unfamiliar with Noumenon, you might know him as longtime collaborator with NC Hip Hop group, MindsOne outta Wilmington. I met Noums at a show in Greenville many moons ago before he took his talents up to NYC. He is good peoples and an even more talented DJ. I have seen this guy pull tricks live that a lot of DJ’s couldn’t dream of. So make you check out this mix of classic Hip Hop from him and Tim Martell here

My 3 Favorite Songs of 2010

For awhile now, I have been putting together some type of lists for Best Albums/Mixtapes/Songs of the Year. But over the last few, lists like that are getting more & more trendy, and less & less relevant. So instead this year, I decided to make it simple on you and say that Big K.R.I.T. – Krit Wuz Here was the best release of the year, hands down. I am still not sure if it was a mixtape or album, but either way, I thought the production and songwriting on that joint stood above the rest. With that being said, I guess you can name my favorite song of the year to be, “Country Sh*t.” I remember when I first heard this track, the feeling I got. I immediately knew it was a special song(even though NYC booed him when he performed it there, hahaha).

Next up, I gotta go with the homie Freddie Gibbs. This dude is straight gangsta. Haha. He gets it in though. His verses are always dope and he has a good ear for beats and rhythm. If you don’t believe me check out this heater from Str8 Killa, No Filla

Lastly, I am going with a joint that kinda surprised me at first. The reason that it did is because I thought it was a local song the first time I heard it. That’s because Mickey Factz went and recorded multiple versions to go with DJ’s all over the country. Pretty good idea, if I do say so myself. This beat is just so crazy. I have never heard anything like it. Check it out…

Really, I think all 3 of these songs are dope, and it’s difficult to put one above the other. 2010 was a pretty good year for music. I hope that trend continues into 2011…

Big Hop + X3M – Everything Is Impossible (Free Download)

2010 marked the release of the long awaited collaboration EP between Serbian producer, X3M, and yours truly. The project was recorded from 2008-9, but finally got mixed and mastered late this year.

The project came out and was acclaimed by the critics and bloggers across the globe. We received lots of downloads, views on our video, and were posted on over 30 blogs. Overall the project was a success and opened a lot of doors for both X3M & I. Everything Is Impossible featured songs such as “I Changed My Life,” “What It Is,” & “I Don’t Make Sense.” This project was also full of dope guest appearances including, MindsOne, Diablo Archer, & L.E.G.A.C.Y. Make sure you download it for FREE here…

Big Hop – I Changed My Life (Video)

This video marked a special day for me. It was the first time I put together a video in HD for myself. My homie Herb Skee of Da Tandem filmed it, and I edited it. It did fairly well online and we got a lot of good feedback. Shoutouts to everyone in Greenville who let us film in their locations(East Coast Music & Video/Rehab Bar). We actually weren’t sure what song we were gonna shoot the video right up until we shot it. So for the lack of preparation, I think it turned out great. Haha. Make sure you check it out and rate it, leave commments, and enjoy…

Big Hop & Kotix – Super High (Free Mixtape)

The second joint I released in April of last uear was Super High, a mixtape I created with Greensboro legend, Don Kotix. It’s not too hard to tell what the theme of this project was…

Super High garnered a lot of attention online, with over 1000 downloads. I guess it makes sense after the revitalization of “Weed Rap” we saw last year with the likes of Wiz, Currensy, Smoke Dza & others. Our project featured a few new joints, a couple remixes of old joints, & more. HIGHlights include Earth2TheSeed, All Types, Roll The Haze Remix, The Apple Song Remix, among others. Production credits include D. Allen, DJ Pedo, StretchKnockS, etc. Guest appearances feature KONSci of MindsOne, L.E.G.A.C.Y., H2OKZ, Mic Savvy, & more. So be sure to download this joint and toast to it while you listen. You can download it for FREE here…

Big Hop & H2OKZ – Local Celebrity Status (Free Mixtape)

Today, I am highlighting the joints I released in 2010. First off is the collaborated mixtape with Greenville, NC H2OKZ (Pronounced Hooks).

April was a big month for me in 2010. I released 2 mixtapes and did a string of shows to promote the releases. LCS was a fun mixtape to put together with such favorites like, “It’s On,” “That’s My Sh*t,” “LCS,” “Party Life,” & more. The theme of the project was having fun and doing what you love. Guest appearances from Trigga, Mic L!VE, and Lady J. Production from StretchKnockS, Carolina Beats, L’O, Ill-It Beatz and more. Download this joint for FREE here

Fat Rat Da Czar – The Invitation (prod. by MidiMarc) Video

Shoutout to the homie, MidiMarc. This cat has been bubbling under the surface for quite sometime, but it won’t be for much longer before this SC producer gets his due shine. I had the honor of recording to one of his beats a couple years ago, and I am counting down the days until I get to do it again. Fat Rat Da Czar and Marc have been working together for a few, and recently released this new video for The Invitation. Make sure you check it out and support good Hip Hop…

Styles P. – Large In The Streets (Free Mixtape)

Styles P. is by far one of my favorite lyricists. He has been killing the scene for decades now, and is showing no signs of slowing down. After his star-studded appearance on Rick Ross’s hit, BMF, I am hoping that this younger generation recognizes a legend when they hear one. With that being said, download his new mixtape for FREE here

Azon Blaze – Kaleidoscope (Free Mixtape)

Shoutout to Azon Blaze for repping NC hard in December. First it was the collaboration mixtape with SkyBlew, now he drops his solo offering, Kaleidoscope. With features from NC Hip Hop staples like Cesar Comanche, Hiromenbipp, Sarah Kaboom and more, this joint is filled with talent. Make sure you download it for FREE here

Sha Stimuli – Promo for Unsung Vol. 1: The Garden of Eden

Shoutout to Sha for this dope promo for his new project, Unsung Vol.1: The Garden of Eden which dropped Digitally today. I got to chop it up with this cat a couple months back in ATL, and dude is as humble as he is talented. So make sure you check out the video, then go cop the new release from one of the hardest working emcees doing it…

Professa – For Mii (Free Download)

Shout out to Professa. He is a 252 representer who has been moving up the ranks of NC producers. With his new EP, he gives you a handful of Dilla-esque beats to rock out to. My favorite joint is Heavenly Moon Cutter. The sample on that track is crazy. Plus he remixes one of my favorite Jay-Z songs up here, Allure. Make sure you download this project for FREE here

“Blowed Away” feat. Ed E. Ruger (Free Download)

Check out this new banger from Tennessee artist Smurf Durrt featuring Knoc & NC’s own Ed E. Ruger. This joint has been nominated as “Banger of the Year” at the Knocdown Awards. Make sure you download it for FREE here

Al Gator – Who Am I? Prod by Don Cannon (Free Download)

The homie Glam hit me up about this new Al Gator’s “Who Am I” joint produced by Don Cannon. The track appeared on the a.Fam artist’s Hostile Takeover mixtape which dropped earlier this year. Get ready for Gator’s new project Un-Reasonable Doubt 2 in the near future. Until then, download this banger for FREE here

Wudos Band (Free Download)

If you aren’t familiar with Wu Tang, you have been frozen in a block of ice for the last 20 years. If you don’t know the Budos Band, then you are an un-hip. The Budos Band comes from the legendary record label, Daptone Records, and are a 10 piece instrumental, Afro-Soul group from NYC. They have been sampled by the Game and Black Eyed Peas.

Make sure you download this highly conceptual project for FREE here

Carlitta Durand – Nostalgic Nights (Free Ep)

Shutout to Miss Durand on the release of her new EP, Nostalgic Nights. It’s a collection of Soul & R&B that will undoubtedly create the mood, if you know what I mean.

So support NC Hip Hop & R&B and make sure you download this project for FREE here

Sitdown with DJ Premier & Pete Rock

Check out this dope interview with Preemo & PR. This footage comes from a  Japanese DVD that was released recently. They chop it up about the past, present, and future among other things. Make sure you grab some grub and a couple beers and tune in to this film. It’s about an hour long…

Kida – iGo (Video Trailer)


Yoooooo, check out this trailer from the upcoming iGo video by Kida. Daaaaamn. This joint looks crazy. I can’t wait for the whole video to drop. Giant ups to a.Fam Entertainment…

Jozeemo Smacks Internet Thug, Then Explains Why

The first time I caught the Jozeemo video on WSHH, it didn’t surprise me much, honestly. That dude is Durham, through & thru, so to see him smack some cat up seemed pretty customary. But after watching it cross 600k views, I realized that Jozee really is an internet sensation with this joint. Check out this video, filmed by the homie Kaze, highlighting the beatdown, it’s history, and what kinda new music Jozeemo has coming out soon…

Mixed Solution & All I Can See, Is Tonight at 5 Star

If you are in Raleigh tonight and you are looking for something to do, make sure you hit up 5 Star in downtown for a dope, FREE, hip hop show. Mixed Solution is a mixed live band that has been throwing down in the Triangle for a minute, and All I Can See, Is is a side project of the uber-talented, Mic L!VE of the Balance. L!VE is a good friend of mine and he was featured on both Super High & Local Celebrity Status last year. Stop in for a great lineup, and some of the Triangle’s best food and libations tonight at 5 Star…

New Kaze Interview in the Independent

Shoutout to the Indy for putting together this dope interview with Kaze. It highlights his movement and career as an artist, and his new Sunday Night Sessions event that he throws every Sunday in Chapel Hill with the help of HustleMill.com and others.

“If there’s anyone in Jack Sprat—or in the state, really—who could teach King about the rewarding and frustrating nature of turning rap into a career, it’s the co-host and founder of Sunday Night Sessions, Kaze. For the past decade-plus, this Chapel Hill native has worked as a tireless local tastemaker while trying to catapult himself from his respected local stature into the national spotlight. While hosting TV shows about hip-hop and promoting innumerable shows on any local stage he could find, he’s made strong records and signed promising record deals. The stardom’s yet to come, though, but here’s Kaze tonight, still working for everyone else’s chances.”

You can read the rest of the interview here

Kida – Alliance feat. Chaundon, Sha Stimuli, Rapper Big Pooh, & Joe Scudda

Make sure you check out this banger right here. Focus & Kida came thru with yet another dope ass track, and this time they brought Sha Stimuli & HOJ with them. If you aren’t vibing with this joint, then something is wrong with ya eardrums. What is especially special about this jawn is I was there to see & hear it get recorded. So make sure you download this joint for FREE here

Murs & 9th Wonder – I Used to Love H.e.r. (Again)

Murs & 9th Wonder have proven to be a formidable duo. They have released a handful of albums over the last few years, and each one seems to get better & better. Check out this video form their last offering. It’s a remake of Common’s classic. Dope visuals and  dope rhymes…what else could you want?!?

MTTS presents Under the Tree (Free Download)

Shoutout to Ty Bru, MTTS, and Medly Records for putting together this dope ass Xmas mixtape featuring some of NC’s finest talent. I remember seeing when Ty initially said he wanted to put this project together, and in the time given, this mixtape is a masterpiece. Big ups to everyone who got involved and has a song on it. This joint will definitely do it’s part in lighting up the tree this Xmas. Get it for FREE exclusively here

Ricky Shabazz & The Boom Bap Boys – Free Shabazz (Free Download)

Make sure you download this project which features exclusive joints from some of the best up & coming hip hop acts out today, including the NC homies, Kooley High & Chaundon. You can download it for FREE right here