Hip Hop in it's Purest Form…

NCUMA Nomination Party

Either good or bad, we all probably have some type of feelings about the NCUMA’s by now. I have been on the record for stating my disdain about the lack of variety, among other things, when it comes to the awards show. But I chopped it up with Carl Major the other day, and I got to express my feelings, and hopefully he listened.

He wants to make an impact in the hip hop community, and is currently looking for knowledgable people to be part of a nomination committee for future awards shows. So if you truly know about the music in your state, not just your local scene, then contact him and get involved. There is no reason that King Mez or Lazurus shouldn’t be nominated for Artist of the Year, MindsOne or Kooley High for Group of the Year, etc etc. Tell him how you feel.

With that being said, hit up Club Ikon in Burlington for the Nomination Party tomorrow night. They are shooting video for an upcoming DVD, and there will be performances and more.


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