Hip Hop in it's Purest Form…

The Honesty – Get Up/The Feelin’ (Free Downloads)

Earlier this year, FamCo. out of Greensboro, NC, joined forces with four rising and talented artists (Jones Andrews, Swayze Jones, Buck, and Raheem Kason) to create “The Honesty” mixtape. In titling the project “The Honesty”; they realized that they were at a point in life where an honest decision had to be made; Whether they were going to pursue their dreams or let doubt, fear, and personal circumstances keep them stagnant. Throughout “The Honesty” people will get a transparent view of their experiences and stories that every true hip-hop and R&B connoisseur can relate to.

In building a buzz and exposure for the launch of the FamCo. website(www.famcoclothing.com) and “The Honesty” mixtape project due to release Dec.17th, we invite you to take a listen to “The Feelin” & “Get Up.” Both tracks are produced by FamCo. affiliated producer J-Mac.



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