Hip Hop in it's Purest Form…

K.O. Kid, King Mez & more at the Cats Cradle this Saturday

Apparently Chapel Hill is the spot to be at on Saturday night. The Cats Cradle is doing a good thing by giving a few of the top local acts the time to shine as headliners at their own show. I was put on to K.O Kid cuz he has ties to the Greenville scene, and I have done a few flyers for shows he has done. King Mez is a beast, that is certified. I recently found a live recording of an event I did with Blount Harvey, and we invited Mez onstage for a freestyle session. Looking back now, Mez must’ve been 15 or 16 years old at that show, and he killed it! Apple Juice Kid is a legend in NC Hip Hop. If you are unfamiliar with his movement, it’s time to change that. I had the honor of doing an event with FreeBass 808 in Wilmington a few years back. They are crazy live.

So I guess every Hip Hop head from the 919 will be in Chapel Hill on Saturday. See yall there…

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