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Señor Kaos – The Most Interesting MC in the World (Free Mixtape)

Clubbalang from DotGotit.com hit me up last week to see if I could put together a mixtape cover for a new project they were about to release with Señor Kaos. After hearing the concept, I went to work and came up with what you see above. Here is more info about the project:

He once ran a marathon backwards, just so he could see what second place looks like. He can also speak fluent braille and is a part time international relations liaison, a falconeer and an extreme parkour instructor. There is absolutely no question that Señor Kaos IS the most interesting MC in the world. With that said Dotgotit.comTheKaosEffect.com present to you the newest project from ATL’s premier underground rhymesayer entitled “The Most Interesting MC In The World“. With guest appearances from 4-IZE, Boog Brown, Don Will, Homeboy Sandman, Binkis Recs and more backed by beats from dope producers such as 2 Hungry Bros., Illastrate, Applejac, E-Jones as well as many others. What better way to kick off 2011 than to to start your year with “The Most Interesting MC In The World“.

So make sure you download the mixtape for FREE here…

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