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Murs & Terrace Martin – On Melrose (Video)

Anybody who has any knowledge about the NC Hip Hop scene knows that Murs is our indirect cousin. After putting out multiple albums with 9th Wonder, including Murray’s Revenge(my favorite), Murs has long been a staple in what’s bubbling in NC. I have had the opportunity to meet him at a few events, and dude is always humble and gracious, and he puts on one of the best live shows of any Hip Hop artists out now. With that being said, 2009-10 was supposed to be a huge time for Murs as he said he was set to release an album a month. Since those plans didn’t transpire quite as he had hoped, I guess we will find some of these missing releases in 2011. “On Melrose” is the first release from the project he has cooked up with Terrace Martin. Here is some more info:

Dedicated to Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. The first video from Murs and Terrace’s forthcoming collaboration album Melrose, dropping February 8 on mursworld.com. Murs and Terrace first worked together on Murs’ 2008 Warner Bros debut Murs For President. “That album was so serious and such an intense process for the both of us, and we just wanted to do something fun and different,” he says. “And as different as we are from one another, we found a common ground in music and women. Add that to the fact we had both just broke up with our longtime girlfriends and were wilding out. So we definitely had a lot material and real life experience to draw from.”

So check out the video, and pick up the album when it drops next month. I know I am…

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