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Sucker Free Sundays in Raleigh

If you have been checking out my blog, then you definitely are familiar with Sucker Free Sundays at Shakedown Street in the heart of Raleigh. If not, it’s a dope weekly event that emcees from across the state come out to and showcase their talents. I went out there in November & it was bonkers. If you are an artist in the Cack, then you need to hit this event up.

With that being said, I was lucky enough to be hit up by A Robb from Eargasm Entertainment about designing some new promo material for them. So I came up with a couple different designs, and will be updating their info every week. So make sure you come back every week to find out which ones of your favorite emcees are performing every week. This week it’s Skip Luciano, Tuscon, Igwe Fogg, Phonetic, Loot Tenant, Rome Jeter, Drique London, Doc Verbz, Stranga the Great & Free Agent Jasun. & As always, the event will be deejayed by the legendary DJ Flash of the Justus League. Be there…

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  1. This surely makes great sense to anyone…

    October 24, 2011 at 7:30 am

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