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Haji P – Poor Sport (Free Download)

I am showing love to some of my west coast brethren today. First up is Haji P., an NC transplant who is now doing big thangs out in Cali. I originally met Haji in Wilmington at some of Louis T’s events. Dude has crazy charisma on stage, and his music is much the same: Lots of fun & energy. Haji also looked out for H2OKZ & I last spring by letting us jump on his album release in Port City. It was a dope event, one of my favorite joints I have ever done in the 910.

Poor Sport is an unreleased gem, from his Neighborhood Kid sessions, that slipped through the cracks. Now it’s available for FREE download, so make sure you check it out & show love to Haji P

One response

  1. HAJI PAJAMAS!!! Love this guy! Was wondering where this ultra-talented MC was hiding! Good to hear he’s doing big things in big places!

    January 25, 2011 at 7:45 pm

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