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N’DangR Species – Now-n-Lata Vicstape (Free Download)

Shoutouts to the homies, Luse Kanz & Maf Maddix, on the release of their long-awaited project, Now-n-Lata Vicstape. Luse is a long time collaborator with StretchKnockS  and appeared on the Investment (Better Than One) & the Self Portrait (Low Low). A little while back, he started working with Maf Maddix, and everything I heard from them was extremely creative and polished. Here is more info on the duo:

A hip-hop collaboration project formed in the Fall of ’08, N’DangR Species is based out of North Carolina. Members, Luse Kanz and Maf Maddix, bring something new to the hip-hop scene, a balance between the high energy of the mainstream and the deep introspection of the underground. Like the balance maintained amongst the chaos, dark balances light in their complex lyrics and unprecedented beats. The concept for the group comes from their belief that the true spirit of hip-hop is in danger of extinction and that, much like a delicate ecosystem needs protection, so does real hip-hop

Definitely look for some shows and more collaborations in the future with these two. Until then, Make sure you download the project for FREE here…

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