Hip Hop in it's Purest Form…

Big Hop + DJ FM

Shoutouts to all the Drum-n-Bass heads out there. I was very green to the scene when I met DJ Fm. Like Chadillac, I was introduced to FM through a mutual friend, Dave F. Dave brought FM to a show of mine at the Berkeley Cafe, and we instantly bonded through our love of music. That night he said he wanted to send me some songs to see if I could lay some vocals over top of them. Within a day or so, the first song was written, and Influenced was born. The 4 song EP features some of my favorite music I have ever written. Experimenting with a different genre of music allowed me to have fun and be creative with the songwriting, and I think the final product proves that.

If you would like to help out a couple starving artists, please log into iTunes and purchase a song or 2. The whole project costs less $5, and it is very much worth it. You can pick it up here…

Make sure you check  out http://www.djfm.com.

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