Hip Hop in it's Purest Form…

Day 2: Old Hearts For New Lungs Benefit Concert Series

Tonight is the second night of the benefit series thrown by Adam Rottin for Corey Gradin. In case you missed it, Corey Gradin is a 14 yr. old girl in Raleigh that’s in dire need of a double lung transplant & a new pancreas. Her family’s tryin’ to raise $120,000 for the operation. Starting yesterday & goin’ all through the weekend, they’re having some of the dopest MCs North Carolina has to offer performing at various spots around Raleigh; with all proceeds going to her family.

So come out and support, tonight’s show at the Black Flower on Peace St. in Raleigh features CHEDDA CHAPP, EMPIRE, WOODRO, MONTEGA, CREME DE LA CREME & DJ AY. It’s hosted by ADAM ROTTIN and doors open at 9pm. Show at 10pm. It only costs $5, so come & SUPPORT A GOOD CAUSE…

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