Hip Hop in it's Purest Form…

King Mez – Champions (Free Download)

Carolina’s prodigal son is at it again, & this time he has teamed up with some heavy hitters for his “re-introduction” into the scene. Here goes some words about it:

This song marks the beginning of King Mez’s new project, of which the name is to be released at a later date. The project is to be sponsored by Stussy, Dj Booth, Herfection, Fisdj.foto, Eleven Heavens, and Workshop. This work of art is Mez’s way of reintroducing himself to the hip hop scene after a slight hiatus. After Getting approval from Apple Juice Kid and Ski Beatz Champions” is ready for the public ear. The project that this song spearhead’s will be released February the 27th, the same day as King Mez’s first cable television Appearance, His MTV2 Sucker Freestyle.

If you don’t download this joint, you are psychotic. & mark your calendar, cuz I will be performing with Mez, Rapsody, and others on Poe Mack’s Shoestring Budget Tour in Chapel Hill next month. In the meantime, make you download the gem for FREE here…

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