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Rapper Big Pooh – FreeBasin’ (Artwork)

Shoutouts to Pooh & Dho, as the 3 of us put our minds together to create the new artwork for Pooh’s next single. The joint is called “FreeBasin'” and it features the very talented, Carlitta Durand. As far as the cover goes, the style coincides with what we came up with for “Zone Out,” his last leak. When Pooh hit me up & told me the title to the this joint, I thought he was gonna ask for some crazy imagery, like people cooking up spoons, etc. Hahaha, but he wanted the exact opposite. He was looking to play off of the sport of Base Jumping. Right then & there, I know that with the right imagery, it was going to be a wrap. Dho found the pic, and blao! Here it is. So check back next week, as I post the link to the actual single, and stay tuned cuz I have signed on to create the artwork for Pooh’s next mixtape & official release, as well as their next tour flyer…

3 responses

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  2. Dat sheeit dope bruh..I like it… Yo.. might wanna hook up.. if possible.. see if u could work wit us as we are in desperate need of tasteful images for profiles and such.. lata yo..

    _Mell ( w/ Mell&D )

    February 24, 2011 at 2:56 am

    • Yeah homie, I def down to help out with whatever you need. That joint with Pooh is tough>

      February 25, 2011 at 2:00 pm

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