Hip Hop in it's Purest Form…

I am Performing Tonight in Roanoke VA…

Tonight is shaping up to be a crazy night. Besides such VA/NC artists, Poe Mack, Bo Jankans, Lazurus, and more, you have Rapper Big Pooh of the legendary, Little Brother, that will be rocking the stage. You can’t put a value on the motivation that LB has provided any true school fan, especially artists from NC. At Awful Arthur’s this evening, Pooh will be joined by HOJ teammate, Chaundon. The show starts at 10pm, sharp, and if you are under 21, you need to be there by then, to assure that you can get in. DJ Van Gundy is on the wheels, so you can expect a lot of wit on his end. Hahaha. But if you are in a 100 mile radius of the 540 tonight, you have no excuse as to where else you should be. Come rock with us, and have a great time, listening to great music…

Flyer design by me, ho…

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