Hip Hop in it's Purest Form…

Ill Tactics – Mind For The Taking

Big shoutouts to the homie, Ill Tactics, on the release of his second solo project, Mind For The Taking. If you are unfamiliar with Tactics, then you must be unfamiliar with his group, The Balance. The Balance, a full fledge live hip hop band, have been tearing up the Triangle’s scene for years now. I have been doing shows with them since around 2007, and everytime I hear them, they get more creative and more dynamic. Tactics new project is much of the same. If you like boom bap hip with lyrical flavor, this project is for you. So listen to it for free here, and while you are at it, buy a song or two. F it. Buy the whole project. It’s only $5!

Production by Lava Izzo, Tha Durhamotologist, ArkItekt, and L. Jones. Mastered by J. Memory of The Shape For Memory and All I Can See, Is. Props to Dhap for original album atwork, Reginald Dawson for reworking and coloring it, and Big Hop for graphics and text on the front and back cover.

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