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Pusha T – Fear of God (Free Mixtape)

When Kanye signed Pusha T to GOOD Music last year, I had mixed emotions. I felt like it was a slap in the face to Malice, the other half of VA duo, the Clipse. But once you think about it, and check the trajectory path of their careers, it was obvious that it was bound to happen. As Malice seemed to be growing more & more spiritual, and devoted to his book and other things, Pusha appeared to be going twice as hard with grind. & Fear of God is a good representation of what you can expect from the future from Pusha Ton. Besides the who’s who list of producer’s that lent their expertise, this mixtape features a rack of some of the most notable emcee’s working the mainstream circuit right now. So make sure you check this out, and let them know what songs you are feeling the most, cuz those are label to be seen again in video form, or on the official album. Download it for FREE here…


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