Hip Hop in it's Purest Form…


I am performing tonight in Greenville, NC

Shoutout to GreenStar Clothing for putting together this event tonight at the Tank in Greenville. This is my first time performing in the 252 since a couple gigs last fall, and I am eager to get back to Pirate Country. G-Vegas always looked out for me in the past, so I am set to tear the roof off that biotch tonight. As normal for my shows down there, I am sharing the stage with H2OKZ & DJ Brillowhead. Also, Lamont Coal will be blessing everyone with his creativeness, performing beats and sequencing live, while bringing out NCHipHop monsters, K-Hill & J Capri. So make sure you come out and support a dope show with a dope lineup. It’s Greenville, so there will be insane drink specials and lots of women. Catch me on stage around midnight. See you there…

The Charlie Sheen Phenomenon

This cat Charlie Sheen is off the charts right now. I haven’t really investigated it too much, but I keep hearing about his quotes, etc., and it seems to be fairly entertaining. In order to celebrate this recent splash of drug induced excitement, the homies at Sire Tees have released 3 special edition tees, based on the man himself. They are hilarious, and a brilliant idea. So hit up their site, cop a couple shirts, and kick back & watch this millionaire media disaster in action…

Download – Kida -“Charlie Sheen”

You knew someone was going to do it. I’m just glad that it was the homie, Kida, who did it first. He & Wyldfyre teamed up for this banger, so you know it was going to hit. But the Charlie Sheen twist takes it to the next level. Get that Charlie Sheen for FREE here…

GreenStar Clothing

Super Shoutout to Drew from GreenStar Clothing for sending over a package of their first line of T-Shirts. The great thing about GreenStar is that all their clothing is made from recyclable goods, therefore helping the environment. The shirts feel dope, not some super-slim BS that you come across in recycled Tee’s. You will definitely catch me out and about rocking GreenStar Clothing, that’s for sure.

Make sure y’all hit up Drew if you want to purchase tee’s or hoodies. New designs & website are coming soon! Do your part & support the cause. Stay tuned for future events that I will be partnering up with GreenStar for. Hit up their facebook page and “like it.” 2011 is gonna be BIG!

FamCo. Clothing New Fashion Video

Shoutout to FamCo. Clothing for coming correct with dope music and dope gear. Here is the behind the scenes video of their newest photoshoot and a new download from their upcoming mixtape. Make sure you keep your ears and eyes out for this upstart company out of Greensboro. They are a force to be reckoned with. Now if I could just get my hands on one of those hoodies. Haha. Download “To The Top” here

Risky Bizniz Clothing Line

Shoutout to Joseph Headen of Head Graphix for his new clothing line. This guy is a dope illustrator and designer, and now he has started a new clothing line. If you are an NC hip hop head, you need to be geared up in some Risky Bizniz, or face getting (s)lapped. This is about to be the hottest new line in the state & beyond. Get yours here