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Big Hop Interview with Nanci O & WXYC Tomorrow Night!

Super-shoutouts to Nanci O for inviting me on her Showcase this Sunday on UNC’s radio station, WXYC 89.3FM this sunday night. You can catch the interview shortly after 10pm. We will be playing music, and discussing everything hip hop. If you aren’t in the Triangle area, you can check it out online at www.wxyc.org. They have a link to where you can stream it live. So make sure you tune in and find out what kind of mess Nanci O & I are going to get into…

Kelsey Lu Interview/Performance

This video was taken in Winston-Salem at the show we did together at The Garage. “Drunk” doesn’t explain the state we were all in, by this point. Regardless, this interview makes for some good comedy.


All jokes aside, Kelsey Lu is one of the hidden gems in NC Hip Hop & music in general. I think that in a few years, we will all be looking up at her. So stay posted, and I will keep you updated on new music from her…

Ignite Mindz Interview/Performance

Shoutout to Ignite Mindz. He & I have been circulating the same scenes for years. This impromptu interview & performance came from a show we did together in Raleigh at Shakedown Street. Check him out as he plays keys with his left hand, drum pad with his right, bass guitar with his toes, and raps at the same time. & make sure to pick up the Ignite & Imagery album, “Gimmick Free” available now on iTunes…

Sitdown with DJ Premier & Pete Rock

Check out this dope interview with Preemo & PR. This footage comes from a  Japanese DVD that was released recently. They chop it up about the past, present, and future among other things. Make sure you grab some grub and a couple beers and tune in to this film. It’s about an hour long…

Jozeemo Smacks Internet Thug, Then Explains Why

The first time I caught the Jozeemo video on WSHH, it didn’t surprise me much, honestly. That dude is Durham, through & thru, so to see him smack some cat up seemed pretty customary. But after watching it cross 600k views, I realized that Jozee really is an internet sensation with this joint. Check out this video, filmed by the homie Kaze, highlighting the beatdown, it’s history, and what kinda new music Jozeemo has coming out soon…

New Kaze Interview in the Independent

Shoutout to the Indy for putting together this dope interview with Kaze. It highlights his movement and career as an artist, and his new Sunday Night Sessions event that he throws every Sunday in Chapel Hill with the help of HustleMill.com and others.

“If there’s anyone in Jack Sprat—or in the state, really—who could teach King about the rewarding and frustrating nature of turning rap into a career, it’s the co-host and founder of Sunday Night Sessions, Kaze. For the past decade-plus, this Chapel Hill native has worked as a tireless local tastemaker while trying to catapult himself from his respected local stature into the national spotlight. While hosting TV shows about hip-hop and promoting innumerable shows on any local stage he could find, he’s made strong records and signed promising record deals. The stardom’s yet to come, though, but here’s Kaze tonight, still working for everyone else’s chances.”

You can read the rest of the interview here

O.N.E. Interview with K. Hill (2008)

This is an interview that I did with K. Hill awhile back when I was trying to get my initial blog started. Although I never got the ball rolling successfully with the site, K. still proved to be a dope interview. Listen as he talks about upcoming projects, the North Cack, and how he ended up on the Jean Grae album. There is also a performance from Local 506 mixed into the interview, and an intro by Skyzoo…

Skates Beats (Extended Interview)

Here is the extended interview with Skates Beats from the 2 Man Army after the Producer’s Showcase in Wilmington. Make sure you download their free mixtape here

Dr. Dre is a fan of J. Cole

In a recent interview with XXl that was reported on HipHopdx, Dr. Dre spoke about NC native J. Cole:

“I’m a fan of J. Cole… He’s articulate. The way he speaks is – he’s got it. All he needs is the record now.”

He also said that they had been in the studio recently, among other things. Check out the article here