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N’DangR Species – Now-n-Lata Vicstape (Free Download)

Shoutouts to the homies, Luse Kanz & Maf Maddix, on the release of their long-awaited project, Now-n-Lata Vicstape. Luse is a long time collaborator with StretchKnockS  and appeared on the Investment (Better Than One) & the Self Portrait (Low Low). A little while back, he started working with Maf Maddix, and everything I heard from them was extremely creative and polished. Here is more info on the duo:

A hip-hop collaboration project formed in the Fall of ’08, N’DangR Species is based out of North Carolina. Members, Luse Kanz and Maf Maddix, bring something new to the hip-hop scene, a balance between the high energy of the mainstream and the deep introspection of the underground. Like the balance maintained amongst the chaos, dark balances light in their complex lyrics and unprecedented beats. The concept for the group comes from their belief that the true spirit of hip-hop is in danger of extinction and that, much like a delicate ecosystem needs protection, so does real hip-hop

Definitely look for some shows and more collaborations in the future with these two. Until then, Make sure you download the project for FREE here…

Nickelus F + Ohbliv – Yellow Gold Mixtape (Free Download)

Make sure you download this new gem from VA representer, Nickelus F. If you are unfamiliar with his work, he has collaborated in the past with King Mez, has a show coming up next month with Poe Mack, and was rumored to ghostwrite for Drizzy Drake Rodgers. His new project was produced by Ohbliv and is full of dope tracks. Make sure you download it for FREE here…

Poe Mack – Move Mountains (Free Download)

Big ups to Roanoke, VA emcee, Poe Mack, on the release of his KevinNottingham.com sponsored mixtape, Move Mountains. Not only was I lucky enough to put together the artwork for this project, but I also have a verse on it, too. Other features come from Kaze, Sketch, Range Da Messenger, Jah I Witness, and K Beta. Poe produced most of the project himself, but got a couple beats from West Wonder & SKS. Shouts to DJ Van Gundy for mixing the joint together.

& don’t forget about the release party this Saturday night at Ruckus Pizza in Raleigh. It’s going to be bonkers.

This project is a banger, so make sure you download it for FREE here…

Focus & SP Double present – Lethal Weapon (Free Download)

Shoutouts to aFam Entertainment & Focus for this new gem of a project. This time around, he teams up with SP Double from Colorado, to provide us with 12 new tracks of that real hip hop. Here is some more info they provided:

Boostwell Music’s own, SP Double teamed up with esteemed producer Focus… (Busta Rhymes, Kida, The Game, Al Gator, etc), to put together, what will soon be known as a certified “HIP HOP CLASSIC”!

Don’t look for radio singles, bubble gum topics, or gimmicky hip-pop on this cd.

This is straight BOOM BAP!!!
Download it, plug in ya’ BEATS BY DRE (lol)



So make sure you download this project for FREE here…

Act Proof – The Talented Tenth (Free Download)

Shoutout to the homies, Act Proof, for the release of their new project. I got the chance to meet these cats a few times, most notably at L.E.G.A.C.Y’s bday party a couple years back.  The Talented Tenth features two different parts: A MLK side, and a Malcom X said. Guest appearances come from Tyler Woods, Halo, Rapsody, Remo, Kendrick Lamar, Skewby, Laws & more. Production from the Soul Council. So make sure you download it for FREE here…

Blaze The Sky – “That’s Right” (Music Video)

Shoutout to the homie Kent Willard for putting together another dope video for the NC Hip Hop scene. This one features SkyBlew & Azon Blaze’s new side project, Blaze the Sky, and their jam, “That’s Right.” I’m really digging the visuals with this one. So make sure you check the video, and also download their mixtape for FREE here

Big Hop & H2OKZ – Ridin’ On That Wave(ECU Tribute) Video

I put this video montage together a little while back. It features random footage from various East Carolina University tailgates. If anyone reading this has ever been to Greenville for a football game, then they will tell you that making it in to the game is optional, however, getting crunk at the tailgate is a necessity. Check out and enjoy the college drunkeness. Local Celebrity Status is available for FREE download here…

Ed E. Ruger – “Crush Careers” feat. Kaze & Chaundon

Here goes the first leak off of Ed E. Ruger’s upcoming project, Ziplocked & Loaded. “Crush Careers” features Ruger alongside of two of North Cack’s biggest stars, Kaze(SRC/Universal) & Chaundon(HOJ). I got the opportunity to put together the artwork for this project so check back, cuz I will post the full thing when it drops. For now, listen to “Crush Careers” here…

Señor Kaos – The Most Interesting MC in the World (Free Mixtape)

Clubbalang from DotGotit.com hit me up last week to see if I could put together a mixtape cover for a new project they were about to release with Señor Kaos. After hearing the concept, I went to work and came up with what you see above. Here is more info about the project:

He once ran a marathon backwards, just so he could see what second place looks like. He can also speak fluent braille and is a part time international relations liaison, a falconeer and an extreme parkour instructor. There is absolutely no question that Señor Kaos IS the most interesting MC in the world. With that said Dotgotit.comTheKaosEffect.com present to you the newest project from ATL’s premier underground rhymesayer entitled “The Most Interesting MC In The World“. With guest appearances from 4-IZE, Boog Brown, Don Will, Homeboy Sandman, Binkis Recs and more backed by beats from dope producers such as 2 Hungry Bros., Illastrate, Applejac, E-Jones as well as many others. What better way to kick off 2011 than to to start your year with “The Most Interesting MC In The World“.

So make sure you download the mixtape for FREE here…

Dj Noumenon & Tim Martell – Radio Hi-Jack Vol. 1

Shoutout to the homie DJ Noumenon, for this new mix that he teamed up with Tim Martell for. If you are unfamiliar with Noumenon, you might know him as longtime collaborator with NC Hip Hop group, MindsOne outta Wilmington. I met Noums at a show in Greenville many moons ago before he took his talents up to NYC. He is good peoples and an even more talented DJ. I have seen this guy pull tricks live that a lot of DJ’s couldn’t dream of. So make you check out this mix of classic Hip Hop from him and Tim Martell here

Big Hop + X3M – Everything Is Impossible (Free Download)

2010 marked the release of the long awaited collaboration EP between Serbian producer, X3M, and yours truly. The project was recorded from 2008-9, but finally got mixed and mastered late this year.

The project came out and was acclaimed by the critics and bloggers across the globe. We received lots of downloads, views on our video, and were posted on over 30 blogs. Overall the project was a success and opened a lot of doors for both X3M & I. Everything Is Impossible featured songs such as “I Changed My Life,” “What It Is,” & “I Don’t Make Sense.” This project was also full of dope guest appearances including, MindsOne, Diablo Archer, & L.E.G.A.C.Y. Make sure you download it for FREE here…

Big Hop & Kotix – Super High (Free Mixtape)

The second joint I released in April of last uear was Super High, a mixtape I created with Greensboro legend, Don Kotix. It’s not too hard to tell what the theme of this project was…

Super High garnered a lot of attention online, with over 1000 downloads. I guess it makes sense after the revitalization of “Weed Rap” we saw last year with the likes of Wiz, Currensy, Smoke Dza & others. Our project featured a few new joints, a couple remixes of old joints, & more. HIGHlights include Earth2TheSeed, All Types, Roll The Haze Remix, The Apple Song Remix, among others. Production credits include D. Allen, DJ Pedo, StretchKnockS, etc. Guest appearances feature KONSci of MindsOne, L.E.G.A.C.Y., H2OKZ, Mic Savvy, & more. So be sure to download this joint and toast to it while you listen. You can download it for FREE here…

Big Hop & H2OKZ – Local Celebrity Status (Free Mixtape)

Today, I am highlighting the joints I released in 2010. First off is the collaborated mixtape with Greenville, NC H2OKZ (Pronounced Hooks).

April was a big month for me in 2010. I released 2 mixtapes and did a string of shows to promote the releases. LCS was a fun mixtape to put together with such favorites like, “It’s On,” “That’s My Sh*t,” “LCS,” “Party Life,” & more. The theme of the project was having fun and doing what you love. Guest appearances from Trigga, Mic L!VE, and Lady J. Production from StretchKnockS, Carolina Beats, L’O, Ill-It Beatz and more. Download this joint for FREE here

Styles P. – Large In The Streets (Free Mixtape)

Styles P. is by far one of my favorite lyricists. He has been killing the scene for decades now, and is showing no signs of slowing down. After his star-studded appearance on Rick Ross’s hit, BMF, I am hoping that this younger generation recognizes a legend when they hear one. With that being said, download his new mixtape for FREE here

Sean Boog – Light Beers Ahead of You (Free Mixtape)

Shoutout to the homie Sean Boog for the release of his new mixtape, Light Beers Ahead of You. If you know Boog, then the title to the mixtape is perfect. That cat loves to drink. Hahaha. But for real, Boog has been a staple in the NC Hip Hop community for years, and it’s good to see him get a lot of praise for his newest body of work. A few years back, Boog made a brief appearance on my DVD, Empty Boxes. So make sure you download this joint for FREE. Guest appearances include King Mez, Halo, Thee Tom Hardy, Act Proof, Rapsody & more. Production by 9th Wonder, Khrysis, Eric G, Amp, E. Jones & more. Big ups to Nerv Reck for the dope artwork. You can get it here

Talib Kweli – The Community Mixtape (Free Download)

Shoutout to Kweli for putting together this dope mixtape from his Blacksmith roster. The Community mixtape is a compilation featuring new joints from Kweli, Strong Arm Steady, Jean Grae, and more. It’s mixed by the legendary Mick Boogie, so that is an extra plus. Make sure you check out the site to keep updated on everything Blacksmith. You can download The Community for FREE here