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KO Kid x DJ Ladro – Chromeostasis (Free EP)

Shoutouts to KO Kid & DJ Ladro for coming through with this dope, new collection of songs for your listening pleasure. The cool thing about this project is that all the samples come from one of my favorite bands, favorite album, Chromeo. If you are unfamiliar with Chromeo, you desperately need to be educated. They are a 80’s sounding, dance-pop duo, who are known for their infectious tunes like Bonafide Lovin,’ among others.

Hosted by Terry Urban, this EP is something fresh. Here is some more info about it:

The idea behind this tape was really just to get something fun and easy out for people to vibe to. We’re working on our first full length album but it’s going to be a while before we’re finished so we wanted to keep people happy. We went with Chromeo because I love Chromeo and think their music is really, really dope. The idea wasn’t to make an EP that was “better” than Chromeo’s work, but rather just to add our own flavor to it. Hope everybody enjoys this!

So make sure you download Chromeostatis for FREE here…