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Dr. Dre feat Snoop, Akon & Nate Dogg – Kush (Video)

A lot has been made about this song. Even more has been made about Detox in general. The bottom line is that it’s for sure coming out soon, and we need to embrace the Good Doctor for everything he has done in Hip Hop. Plus Snoop says my favorite line of the year, “Still I am, tighter than the pants on Will.I.Am..” Hahahaha. I have confidence that this album will be a classic. I can’t wait till I get the chance to BUY it. You should too..

Dr. Dre is a fan of J. Cole

In a recent interview with XXl that was reported on HipHopdx, Dr. Dre spoke about NC native J. Cole:

“I’m a fan of J. Cole… He’s articulate. The way he speaks is – he’s got it. All he needs is the record now.”

He also said that they had been in the studio recently, among other things. Check out the article here