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Holiday Hip Hop Show Blog(Greensboro,NC)

The Holiday Hip Hop show took place Thanksgiving Weekend, 2010  in Greensboro, NC. It was an event put on by Kotix aka Don DiGiorgio, featuring his parter-in-crime, Raw English, Lazurus & S.Gold, H2OKZ & yours truly. It was a fun night and the crowd was dope. Shoutouts to the 336 for coming through, as always. Sorry about the quality of this one compared to the last few. This was shot on a FlipCam, and iPhone.

Check it out tho, and see Kotix & Raw English perform “EppyVille,” Lazurus & S.Gold perform “So Raleigh,” & me, H2OKZ, Kotix perform “Dressed to Kill.”


DJ E Sudd presents Frontline

My homie Kotix hit me up last night & told me I needed to post this joint. In his words:

“Dude has got a huge following and he grinds harder than anyone in Greensboro.  I respect the shit out of him, he DJ’d one of my first shows when we were both on the come up and now he’s waaaay waaaaaaay ahead of me in the game.  But he’s still NC hip-hop and he’s definitely grinding more than anyone I see.”

After checking out the tracklisting and the guest features, this is definitely a heavy hitter of a project. Any release out of NC that has a guest appearance by Jadakiss is gonna be “Top 5, Dead or Alive” in my book anyday. Check it out here

WonderBoy Responds to Reese Beats


After cutting up the Reese Beats video, we ended up in Greensboro for another show. Herb Skee & I showed the video to Kotix who almost immediately called up Wonder Boy & set up a follow up interview. Since I guess I am the figurehead in creating this “internet beef,” or at least reporting on it, I didn’t want it to appear that I was “picking sides” whatsoever. I am not about the drama, unless it’s my own. Hahaha. Check out the videos and make sure you are in Wilmington on Jan 16. It’s gonna be super craaaazy!