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ReeseBeatz – In Da Street Beatz Vol.1 (Free Instrumentals)

Super shoutout to J Reese on the release of his new instrumental project, In Da Streetz Vol. 1. In case you have smoked too many blunts, J Reese brought us one of this site’s first posts, when Herb Skee & I filmed him verbally unleashing on fellow producers at a showcase in November. Even though it was all in good fun, the video was classic and caused a bit of drama around the NC Hip Hop scene.

Now, Reese is back with this new collection of instrumentals for your listening pleasure. So make sure you check them out, give them a whole bunch of listens, download the ones you like, and record some new jams. Hopefully, Reese will fux with them, and not wyle out on you for doing so. Hahahaha. Get In Da Streetz Vol. 1 here for FREE…

L’Orange – The Manipulation EP (Free Instrumental Album)

Super shoutouts to the homie, L’Orange, aka L’O, on the release of this new FREE instrumental project. I met L’O originally through myspace a few years back,, and I couldn’t believe I was hearing the sounds that were blaring out of his player. He has a unique style in how he samples, sequences, and composes. He also plays bass live on a lot of his tracks. This kid is uber-talented for sure.

We have been in the works of some music for a few, so make sure you keep your ear out for that. Until then, enjoy this album of instrumentals that you can download for FREE right here…

Professa – For Mii (Free Download)

Shout out to Professa. He is a 252 representer who has been moving up the ranks of NC producers. With his new EP, he gives you a handful of Dilla-esque beats to rock out to. My favorite joint is Heavenly Moon Cutter. The sample on that track is crazy. Plus he remixes one of my favorite Jay-Z songs up here, Allure. Make sure you download this project for FREE here