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JMProductions – The Left Side (Free Instrumental Album)

Big shoutouts to the homies NonDescript & Emphatic from JMProductions. If you are unfamiliar with this Bad Newz production duo, they are strictly about that Boom-Bap. Old school heads in a new school world, these cats have been steadily releasing new beats since I came across them last year. So if you are ready to get down to some true school sounds, grab your timbs and black & milds, and download this joint for FREE here…

Cover artwork by Big Hop(timus Prime)

Poe Mack – How to Rock a J Arms Instrumental Pt. 4

Shoutout to the homie Poe Mack. He has had a dope series of promo videos ┬ácome out over the last few. This one is no different. Superb rhymes & bangin’ ass beats. Sounds like he has another classic on his hands. Lookfor his new mixtape, Move Mountains in January 2011, with artwork from yours truly..