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Invincible by Styles P. (Book Review by Trick)

The homie Trick is back with this month’s book review. This time he looked at Lox & D-Block member, Styles P’s first foray into literature with his book, Invincible. Many of us know the Ghost as being an incredible song writer, but incase you were wondering about his literary chops, check out what Trick had to say about his debut…

When Hop told me I was going to be reviewing the book that Styles P had written, I think my response was something like “What the fuck could Styles possibly have to say that he needed to write a whole book to get it out?”  I mean, don’t get me wrong, the Ghost has always been one of my favorite rappers, but even though his lyrics might go a little deeper than the average gangsta rap, he’s not somebody I would have seen as the author type.  But Styles came correct with his debut novel Invincible.

As you’d probably expect, the story revolves around guns, money and murder.  Jake, the main character, wakes up from a coma after being beaten close to death in jail, and wages a one man war against the powerful but mysterious crew that tried to take him out.  Honestly, I had this book for like a month before reading it – I envisioned it being a literary version of the “State Property” movies – an unoriginal plot with a lot of holes, not put together all that well, and only mildly entertaining.  But Invincible has a main character you can’t help but pull for, the story is told well and moves along quickly (not a lot of time wasted with details), and most of it is believable enough to keep you interested.  The writing isn’t perfect – the writing style varies from over correct (lots of “you are” and “I am” in dialogue when it’s hard to see the characters not saying “you’re” or “I’m”) to using incorrect verb tense during the narrative; some of the plot twists are a little over the top; some of the characters could use a little more developing – but all in all it’s better than I expected.  More “Paid in Full” than “State Property.”  It won’t win any literary awards or go down as a classic piece of fiction, but Ii Styles writes another one, I’ll read it.  

Overall: 3 ½ out of 5 notepads

1 out of 5 notepads – stick to your day job “writer”
2 out of 5 notepads – if somebody gives it to you and your bored, read it
3 out of 5 notepads – if somebody gives it to you, read it even if you’re not bored
4 out of 5 notepads – worth a read, pick it up if you see it
5 out of 5 notepads – go to Barnes & Noble today, stuff this under your coat & walk out

Tune in next month, as Trick discusses Clipse member, Malice’s Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind, & Naked…