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Chapel Hill is the spot to be at tonight….

Whoa. After the last two days of UNC basketball, I think it’s about time everybody exhales(after inhaling, of course), and enjoys life for a little bit. & where else better to do that then in the heart of Tar Heel country, itself. Chapel Hill is the move tonight if you are looking for a good hip hop event. Some of the state’s finest emcees will be in the building to put on a show that will leave you gasping for air. King Mez, fresh off of his first MTV appearance and the release of The King’s Khrysis, will be holding it down. 9th Wonder, and Kooley High prized pupil, Rapsody will be doing her usual murderous microphone routine, Lazurus, Poe Mack, IllPo, and others will also be out repping for NC. Lastly, I will be there doing my usual 2 step on stage. So if you want to get out and celebrate tonight, do it in a smart manner….WITH US! Come tru. Jack Sprat. Show starts at 10p…

Flyer by me.

I am Performing Tonight in Roanoke VA…

Tonight is shaping up to be a crazy night. Besides such VA/NC artists, Poe Mack, Bo Jankans, Lazurus, and more, you have Rapper Big Pooh of the legendary, Little Brother, that will be rocking the stage. You can’t put a value on the motivation that LB has provided any true school fan, especially artists from NC. At Awful Arthur’s this evening, Pooh will be joined by HOJ teammate, Chaundon. The show starts at 10pm, sharp, and if you are under 21, you need to be there by then, to assure that you can get in. DJ Van Gundy is on the wheels, so you can expect a lot of wit on his end. Hahaha. But if you are in a 100 mile radius of the 540 tonight, you have no excuse as to where else you should be. Come rock with us, and have a great time, listening to great music…

Flyer design by me, ho…

NC United Show Tonight (Greensboro)

Shoutouts to my brother Don DiGiorgio (formerly Kotix) for holding down Greensboro with the first ever NC United show tonight. Besides the Don, you can check out sets by his longtime collaborator Raw English, SkyBlew, Lazurus & S.Gold, Scottie Flippen & Kelsey Lu, AP & Seven, Celenski, & N’DngR Species. Mike Machete is holding down the DJ duties & the show starts at 10p sharp. That’s a helluva lineup, so if you are in the #336, there’s only one spot to be at tonight. & stay tuned for more NC United events & more. I got a feeling you will be seeing that a lot more in the future…

Flyer design by me.

For The Love of Music Show/Gone With The Wind (Video)

Super Shoutouts to S.Gold for throwing this NC star studded event tonight. For the Love of Music Show has been in the works for quite some time now. The plan is to shower all the ladies in the building with roses and enough hip hop flavor to kill a horse(haha, not really, but kinda). You know anytime a cast like S.Gold, Lazurus, 1100 Huntaz, Skyblew, the homie Don DiGiorgio(formerly Kotix), and others get together, it’s gonna be a crazy throw down. Well tonight is no different.

If you are in the 919, the spot to be at tonight is Southland Ballroom on West St. If you get there before 11p, you even save a couple dollars on the door charge. So get out there early, and have a blast. But before you do that, check S.Gold’s new video for “Gone With The Wind” featuring Lazurus, shot by Kent Willard of Depth of Sound…

For the Love of Music Artwork created by me, bitches!

Upcoming Feb./March Shows

Super shoutout to Poe Mack for inviting me to participate in a few shows on his ShoeString Budget Tour. Also, shouts to GreenStar Clothing for setting up a dope event in Greenville next month. If you live anywhere near Richmond or Roanoke, VA, or Greenville, Wilmington, or Chapel, NC, you have no excuse not to show your face. Did I mention that I will be performing with such talents as Rapper Big Pooh(Little Brother), Nickelus F., King Mez, Rapsody, Poe Mack & more. Check out the dates below:

Friday February 25 – Richmond, VA – Alley Katz – with Nickelus F., Poe Mack, Bo Jankans, Jah-I-Witness, Black Liq

Saturday March 5 – Roanoke, VA – Awful Arthurs(Towers) – with Rapper Big Pooh, Chaundon, Poe Mack, Lazurus, & Bo Jankans

Thursday March 10 – Wilmington, NC – 16 Taps – with Colour Culture, Poe Mack, & Fine Artz

Saturday March 12 – Chapel Hill, NC – Jack Spratt – with King Mez, Rapsody, Poe Mack, Illpo, Lazurus, & Bo Jankans

Thursday March 31 – Greenville, NC – The Tank – with GreenStar Clothing, H2OKZ, & more

Stay tuned for my April dates, including Greensboro & Raleigh, among others. I might be popping up doing some guest appearances in between now & then, so check back to the site…

Artwork by me….

The Complete Super Bowl Experience

Shoutout to the homie Lazurus for linking with Eargasm Entertainment, Hustlemill.com & others to put together a full day of events in celebration of the Super Bowl. It starts off with a video game contest, then there’s the Super Bowl Party, and lastly is Sucker Free Sunday, all in one spot! So come out early and stay late. It all takes place at the Black Flower in Raleigh. Here is more info about the festivities…
Lazrso & TheMediaJunkies.com presents

The Complete Superbowl Sunday Experience!

3 Events 1 Day
**The Madden Tournament Invitational**

Live Performances by
*Azon Blaze
*J. Capps

**The Superbowl Party**

with Live Halftime performances by
*Elliot Johnson
*& Ignite Minds

**The Sucker-Free Superbowl Sunday Night Sessions: Savvy Send Off Edition**

Combining Eargasm’s Sucker Free Sunday (Raleigh), HustleMill.com & SRC Universal’s Sunday Night Sessions (Chapel Hill) and & Lazrso’s Complete Superbowl Sunday Experience into ONE MASSIVE EVENT!

Live Performances from
*J Capri
*Skiip Luciano
*Mic Savvy

This is also ~The Official Mic Savvy Going Away Party~
so lets send Sav off to Charlotte in STYLE!

DJ Black Dragon, DJ Trizzack, & DJ Nyce Danger on the Wheels All Day Long


Nentendo Wii, PS3, Super NES, & Xbox 360 on deck ALL DAY LONG
(Bring whatever games you want to play)

Let US be your Superbowl Sunday plans this year!

The Black Flower
517 Peace St
Raleigh NC 27603


24/7 “Masters of Ceremony” Mixtape Release Party Tonight in Raleigh

Big ups to the homie, Chedda Chapp, and his movement 24/7. Tonight they are throwing down in Raleigh at the Berkeley Cafe, and it’s sure to be a big night. Not only is the 24/7 cast performing, but also my good friends, MindsOne, Scottie Flippen & Kelsey Lu and more. It’s hosted by Lazurus & Drique London, and Nyce Danger is on the 1’s & 2’s. If you are in Raleigh & love hip hop, this is the spot to be at tonight…

Day 1: Old Hearts For New Lungs Benefit Concert Series


Tomorrow night marks the first show of 5 to help benefit Corey Gradin, a strong little girl who needs a double lung transplant and we are here to help. The collective acts of SADIE HAWKINS MUSIC, WISE ENTERTAINMENT, GOOMAH MUSIC, and GET DOWN SON have all come together to make this string of events a success.

Tomorrow night is the first event, and it’s at SIX FORKS PUB with CRUCIAL FIYA, DRIQUE LONDON, LAZURUS, S.GOLD, L1VE, J. CAPPS, & DJ NYCE DANGER. As all of these benefit events, this one is hosted by it’s creator, ADAM ROTTIN. Doors at 9pm show at 10pm & it’s only $5 to get in.

All proceeds go to Corey and her family….


flyer design by me.

Hip Hop Events in the 919 Tonight…

If you are in the Raleigh-Durham area this evening, and you feel like you have nothing to do, well then you are utterly wrong. Not only is there one dope local event going on, but there is 2 dope hip hop events going on! Haha, here is the rundown…

First up is the Triangle’s bad guy, L.E.G.A.C.Y., performing alongside Sun Up, Son Down, Sleep Control, Garland Mason Band, and more. This show will actually be more of a mixed genre show with blends of hip hop and rock. Make sure you check out Sun Up, Son Down tho. It is the brainchild of former Plan B artist, Rivera with help from B-Wise formerly of Odd Numbers. They pack a lotta punch in their set.

If it’s not Raleigh tonight, then it’s gotta be Chapel Hill, as some of the hottest acts the Triangle have to offer square off in this hip hop extravanganza. See Tuscon, Lazurus, Drique London, Ease, SkyBlew, Azon Blaze and others tonight at the Library(in case, you couldn’t find it on the flyer/ahem cough cough, holla at me for your graphic design. haha).

Both shows are going to eb a great time with even better music, so make sure you hit one of them up tonight…

Holiday Hip Hop Show Blog(Greensboro,NC)

The Holiday Hip Hop show took place Thanksgiving Weekend, 2010  in Greensboro, NC. It was an event put on by Kotix aka Don DiGiorgio, featuring his parter-in-crime, Raw English, Lazurus & S.Gold, H2OKZ & yours truly. It was a fun night and the crowd was dope. Shoutouts to the 336 for coming through, as always. Sorry about the quality of this one compared to the last few. This was shot on a FlipCam, and iPhone.

Check it out tho, and see Kotix & Raw English perform “EppyVille,” Lazurus & S.Gold perform “So Raleigh,” & me, H2OKZ, Kotix perform “Dressed to Kill.”


S.Gold – Lonely Girl feat. Asar Hakeem Muhammad

The newest leak so far from S.Gold’s “The Forecast”, and this might be my favorite joint I’ve heard so far. If you are in Raleigh tomorrow night, and you aren’t at the Southland Ballroom, then may the Lawd strike you down with lightning. Maybe not that harsh, but it’s going to be one of the most fun parties of the year, so be there. Don’t believe me? Then check out “Lonely Girl.”

SkyBlew Show with K. Hill & more

Chapel Hill is going to be bonkers this Saturday as SkyBlew, K. Hill, Cesar Comanche, Azon Blaze, Lazurus & more invade Jack Sprat’s on Franklin St. for this dope event. Make sure you make it out if you are in the 919 to see some of NC’s livest hip hop acts. Show starts at 10:30p, and it’s only $5 for 21 & up…

S.Gold’s “The Forecast” Release Party w/K. Hill & more

Make sure you check out K. Hill this Friday night in Raleigh as he performs at S. Gold‘s mixtape release party at the Southland Ballroom. Besides Hill, you can catch Lazrso superstars, S.Gold & Lazurus, Drique London, Yours Truly, and more. It’s gonna be a dope night, so if you like what you have seen & heard from K. Hill today, make sure you are there…

S. Gold – “Gone with the Wind” feat. Lazurus

In preparation for the release of his mixtape, The Forecast, S.Gold has leaked this dope joint featuring partner-in-crime, Lazurus. These Lazrso artists have been killing the Triangle for sometime and the Forecast will be no different. If you are in the 919 this Friday, make sure you are at the Southland Ballroom to watch history be made. Check out this joint here

8th Annual L.E.G.A.C.Y. Bday Bash (TONIGHT!)

Make sure you hit up The L.E.G.A.C.Y. Bday pt.8, tonight, Friday December 10th at 10pm.  Admission is  $8 & DJ Gonzo is on the wheels. It’s hosted by Spoken Word legend Dasan Ahanu with insane performances by: Lazarus, Son up Sun Down, Sleep Control, Pete Menasian, King Mez, Keisha Shontelle, and L.E.G.A.C.Y.

If you have never been to one of these parties, get ready for one of the biggest events of the year. I have been to the last few, and had the honor of performing at it last year. If you are in the 919, this is the spot to be at tonight…

“I Changed My Life” is #1!

Shoutout to whoever put this list together. The video for “I Changed My Life” has been moving up the charts since it was first listed last week. A few days ago, it finally supplanted Waka Flocka Flame as the #1 video! Hahaha. Much props to Lazurus, Rapsody, Thee Tom Hardy, Action Inc, & Drique London for also being listed. Check out the chart here. SUPPORT NC HIP HOP!!