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Check Me Out Tonight at The Berkeley Cafe in Raleigh, NC

Yoooooooo, if you are in the Raleigh area, you better be ready to party and enjoy this Holidaze… It’s gonna be crazy tho. The lineup is insane, it’s only $5, & we are all going to be throwing down. So if you are with it, show your face…

Heavy Rotation – Takers (Free Mixtape)

Shoutout to the homie, Heavy Rotation, for hitting me up about getting some of my joints featured on his new mixtape, Takers. This joint is stacked with some of NC’s hardest grinders. Artists such as Ty Nitty, E. Smith, Shelly B, & Jag are all featured on Takers, so I was honored to be included. If you are looking for some bangers to get your day started right, or even if you need some laid back, lyrical joints, this mixtape has something for everyone. Get it in and make sure you download this joint for FREE here…


Drique London – Red Chucks (Video)

Shouts to Drique London & Depth of Sound for collaborating on this hot new video. This is the first video from Drique’s upcoming project, The Manual, which is set to be released this Spring sometime. If you have been a fan of Drique’s laid back style in the past, then you will be equally as hyped about this one. Stay tuned to the site, cuz when The Manual drops, I will post links to it…

Ill Tactics – Mind For The Taking

Big shoutouts to the homie, Ill Tactics, on the release of his second solo project, Mind For The Taking. If you are unfamiliar with Tactics, then you must be unfamiliar with his group, The Balance. The Balance, a full fledge live hip hop band, have been tearing up the Triangle’s scene for years now. I have been doing shows with them since around 2007, and everytime I hear them, they get more creative and more dynamic. Tactics new project is much of the same. If you like boom bap hip with lyrical flavor, this project is for you. So listen to it for free here, and while you are at it, buy a song or two. F it. Buy the whole project. It’s only $5!

Production by Lava Izzo, Tha Durhamotologist, ArkItekt, and L. Jones. Mastered by J. Memory of The Shape For Memory and All I Can See, Is. Props to Dhap for original album atwork, Reginald Dawson for reworking and coloring it, and Big Hop for graphics and text on the front and back cover.

Mallz – Service Entrance (Free Mixtape)

Major shoutouts to Mallz on the long awaited release of his new project, Service Entrance. This joint was actually recorded awhile ago, but it hadn’t seen the light of day until this week. There are no features on the project, but the list of producers who contributed beats is quite impressive. Service Entrance features production from Nick Tha 1da, Analogic, The Jake, and more. After a few listens, you will understand that Mallz is a true NC representer, in every fashion of the phrase, as he kills this project, track by track. So do yourself a favor, and download this joint for FREE here…

Artwork by me, sucka…

Action Incorporated – NO feat. Sadat X

Major shoutouts to the Port City homies, Fuzz Jax & DJ Battle, for the release of their self titled debut album, Action Incorporated. This power packed LP features guest appearances from Thirstin Howl III, Kaze, Sadat X, MindsOne, Wes Cyphers & more. To kick off the celebration of the album, they have made available “No” featuring the legendary Sadat X. So make sure you download that joint for FREE here. After that, click on iTunes and pick up the whole album here…

L’Orange – The Manipulation EP (Free Instrumental Album)

Super shoutouts to the homie, L’Orange, aka L’O, on the release of this new FREE instrumental project. I met L’O originally through myspace a few years back,, and I couldn’t believe I was hearing the sounds that were blaring out of his player. He has a unique style in how he samples, sequences, and composes. He also plays bass live on a lot of his tracks. This kid is uber-talented for sure.

We have been in the works of some music for a few, so make sure you keep your ear out for that. Until then, enjoy this album of instrumentals that you can download for FREE right here…

Illpo – Classic (Free Download)

Shoutouts to the Greensboro-based homies, Illpo. They have just released their anticipated project, Classic, and are giving it away for free! I have had the opportunity of rocking a couple events with these cats, and their live show is crazy. I definitely support their movement. Here is some more info about the new project:

North Carolina duo ILLPO. has just released their highly anticipated new album “Classic”. “Classic” features production from Moodswing Production’s Ovadose, JJ The Genius (of The Boondocks fame) & up & coming Carolina production teams Maximus Music, The Clergy & 2ManArmy. The title track “Classic” has garnered daily spins on the Carolina airwaves & the video was a constant charter on Video Mix TV. ILLPO’s mixture of hard hitting hip hop & club appeal has made them a fan favorite in the local music scene. Everybody that listens to their music becomes a new fan. Visit ILLPO’s official site at http://illponow.com

So make sure you download this “Classic” for FREE here…

Big Hop Interview with Nanci O & WXYC Tomorrow Night!

Super-shoutouts to Nanci O for inviting me on her Showcase this Sunday on UNC’s radio station, WXYC 89.3FM this sunday night. You can catch the interview shortly after 10pm. We will be playing music, and discussing everything hip hop. If you aren’t in the Triangle area, you can check it out online at www.wxyc.org. They have a link to where you can stream it live. So make sure you tune in and find out what kind of mess Nanci O & I are going to get into…

Tonight in Raleigh – Poe Mack Release Party

If you are in the #919 tonight, come through the Poe Mack release party at Ruckus Pizza in Mission Valley, near NC State. It’s a free show and full of dope performers, including I, so be there early, get a drink and a slice, and enjoy tonight’s festivities…

Poe Mack feat. Kaze – Real Ones Exposed (Free Download)

Super shoutouts to Poe Mack for his upcoming release, Move Mountains, sponsored by KevinNottingham.com. This is the first leak off the mixtape, “Real Ones Exposed,” &  it features NC star, Kaze. The official release date is 1.18.2011, and the release party is on the 22nd in Raleigh. Make sure you check back for the release of the project & more info about the release party. Until then, make sure you download the his new joint for FREE here…

Chadillac – The Heat (Music Video)

Shoutouts to Chadillac & Kent over at Depth of Sound for this dope, new video. This might be the best video Kent has shot thus far with it’s dope visuals and crazy scenes. Make sure you get really stoned before you check this one, and get ready to go on a trip from DC back to NC while you watch this one. & shoutouts to my homie Dave F. for putting me on to Chadillac a few years back when he was first starting out. Support NC Hip Hop…

DJ Premier Recognizes MindsOne!

Shoutouts to my brothers, MindsOne, for being recognized by DJ Premier as having one of the best albums of 2010. Even though they didn’t make the top 25, being listed in the Honorable Mention list, with artists such as, Eminem, Reflection Eternal, Homeboy Sandman & others is truly a great accomplishment.


& did I mention that this was written by the super-legendary DJ Premier aka Preemo?!?!  You can read the article here…

MindsOne – “Legion of Doom”

Shot & Edited by Big Hop

Blaze The Sky – “That’s Right” (Music Video)

Shoutout to the homie Kent Willard for putting together another dope video for the NC Hip Hop scene. This one features SkyBlew & Azon Blaze’s new side project, Blaze the Sky, and their jam, “That’s Right.” I’m really digging the visuals with this one. So make sure you check the video, and also download their mixtape for FREE here

GreenStar Clothing

Super Shoutout to Drew from GreenStar Clothing for sending over a package of their first line of T-Shirts. The great thing about GreenStar is that all their clothing is made from recyclable goods, therefore helping the environment. The shirts feel dope, not some super-slim BS that you come across in recycled Tee’s. You will definitely catch me out and about rocking GreenStar Clothing, that’s for sure.

Make sure y’all hit up Drew if you want to purchase tee’s or hoodies. New designs & website are coming soon! Do your part & support the cause. Stay tuned for future events that I will be partnering up with GreenStar for. Hit up their facebook page and “like it.” 2011 is gonna be BIG!

King Mez at Ruckus Pizza Tonight

To all my 919 heads out there, make sure you hit up Ruckus Pizza in Mission Valley for another dope hip hop event tonight. King Mez & J Capri hit the stage around 10pm tonight & I guarantee this show will be live as hell. If you have never been to Ruckus, just make sure you get their early cuz it’s a not a huge venue & this show is going to fill up fast. As always, support NC Hip Hop…

Hip Hop Events in the 919 Tonight…

If you are in the Raleigh-Durham area this evening, and you feel like you have nothing to do, well then you are utterly wrong. Not only is there one dope local event going on, but there is 2 dope hip hop events going on! Haha, here is the rundown…

First up is the Triangle’s bad guy, L.E.G.A.C.Y., performing alongside Sun Up, Son Down, Sleep Control, Garland Mason Band, and more. This show will actually be more of a mixed genre show with blends of hip hop and rock. Make sure you check out Sun Up, Son Down tho. It is the brainchild of former Plan B artist, Rivera with help from B-Wise formerly of Odd Numbers. They pack a lotta punch in their set.

If it’s not Raleigh tonight, then it’s gotta be Chapel Hill, as some of the hottest acts the Triangle have to offer square off in this hip hop extravanganza. See Tuscon, Lazurus, Drique London, Ease, SkyBlew, Azon Blaze and others tonight at the Library(in case, you couldn’t find it on the flyer/ahem cough cough, holla at me for your graphic design. haha).

Both shows are going to eb a great time with even better music, so make sure you hit one of them up tonight…

Shakedown Street Blog

Shoutouts to ARobb & Eargasm Entertainment for having us out to the their Sucker Free Sunday last November. It’s a dope event, a weekly every Sunday night in the heart of Hillsborough St in Raleigh, NC. I highly suggest any artist to go out there and network, and show your skills.

This video features appearances & performances from Tuscon, S.Gold, AP, Seven, and yours truly. Make sure you check it out…

Filmed by Herb Skee of Tandem Productions. Edited by Giant Leap.

Kelsey Lu Interview/Performance

This video was taken in Winston-Salem at the show we did together at The Garage. “Drunk” doesn’t explain the state we were all in, by this point. Regardless, this interview makes for some good comedy.


All jokes aside, Kelsey Lu is one of the hidden gems in NC Hip Hop & music in general. I think that in a few years, we will all be looking up at her. So stay posted, and I will keep you updated on new music from her…

Dj Noumenon & Tim Martell – Radio Hi-Jack Vol. 1

Shoutout to the homie DJ Noumenon, for this new mix that he teamed up with Tim Martell for. If you are unfamiliar with Noumenon, you might know him as longtime collaborator with NC Hip Hop group, MindsOne outta Wilmington. I met Noums at a show in Greenville many moons ago before he took his talents up to NYC. He is good peoples and an even more talented DJ. I have seen this guy pull tricks live that a lot of DJ’s couldn’t dream of. So make you check out this mix of classic Hip Hop from him and Tim Martell here

Azon Blaze – Kaleidoscope (Free Mixtape)

Shoutout to Azon Blaze for repping NC hard in December. First it was the collaboration mixtape with SkyBlew, now he drops his solo offering, Kaleidoscope. With features from NC Hip Hop staples like Cesar Comanche, Hiromenbipp, Sarah Kaboom and more, this joint is filled with talent. Make sure you download it for FREE here

Professa – For Mii (Free Download)

Shout out to Professa. He is a 252 representer who has been moving up the ranks of NC producers. With his new EP, he gives you a handful of Dilla-esque beats to rock out to. My favorite joint is Heavenly Moon Cutter. The sample on that track is crazy. Plus he remixes one of my favorite Jay-Z songs up here, Allure. Make sure you download this project for FREE here

“Blowed Away” feat. Ed E. Ruger (Free Download)

Check out this new banger from Tennessee artist Smurf Durrt featuring Knoc & NC’s own Ed E. Ruger. This joint has been nominated as “Banger of the Year” at the Knocdown Awards. Make sure you download it for FREE here

Carlitta Durand – Nostalgic Nights (Free Ep)

Shutout to Miss Durand on the release of her new EP, Nostalgic Nights. It’s a collection of Soul & R&B that will undoubtedly create the mood, if you know what I mean.

So support NC Hip Hop & R&B and make sure you download this project for FREE here