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Battle for Beats 2K11 This Sunday! (Wilmington, NC)

It’s finally here & I know some of y’all have been patiently counting down the days. Battle For Beats 2K11 is finally upon us and the Port City will never be the same. Make sure you head down to the 910 to be apart of history, as up to 16 of NC’s best producer’s battle it out for a set of Beats by Dre headphones.

A couple months back, Reese Beats made a huge spectacle at a Producer’s Showcase I was hosting. hat was the prelude to what might be one of NC’s most epic Beat Battles. Check out the video below of Reese & WonderBoy exchanging barbs through viral video:

All craziness aside, make sure you hit up the event that everyone in NC is talking about. An event so big, that it required 2 flyers from yours truly. Haha…

WonderBoy Responds to Reese Beats


After cutting up the Reese Beats video, we ended up in Greensboro for another show. Herb Skee & I showed the video to Kotix who almost immediately called up Wonder Boy & set up a follow up interview. Since I guess I am the figurehead in creating this “internet beef,” or at least reporting on it, I didn’t want it to appear that I was “picking sides” whatsoever. I am not about the drama, unless it’s my own. Hahaha. Check out the videos and make sure you are in Wilmington on Jan 16. It’s gonna be super craaaazy!

Reese Beats Calls Out WonderBoy

In what started out as a pretty uneventful night in the Port City, all of a sudden Reese erupted in a burst of alcoholic fury on the other producers involved in the event. Although I don’t believe he was absolutely serious, you can’t help but wonder, “what the hell is going thru your mind?!” Hahahaha. This sh*t was straight out of the WWE. If anything, I hope it leads to a monumental (violence free)┬ábeat battle in Wilmington in January…