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New Kaze Interview in the Independent

Shoutout to the Indy for putting together this dope interview with Kaze. It highlights his movement and career as an artist, and his new Sunday Night Sessions event that he throws every Sunday in Chapel Hill with the help of HustleMill.com and others.

“If there’s anyone in Jack Sprat—or in the state, really—who could teach King about the rewarding and frustrating nature of turning rap into a career, it’s the co-host and founder of Sunday Night Sessions, Kaze. For the past decade-plus, this Chapel Hill native has worked as a tireless local tastemaker while trying to catapult himself from his respected local stature into the national spotlight. While hosting TV shows about hip-hop and promoting innumerable shows on any local stage he could find, he’s made strong records and signed promising record deals. The stardom’s yet to come, though, but here’s Kaze tonight, still working for everyone else’s chances.”

You can read the rest of the interview here

Sunday Night Sessions in Chapel Hill

Every Sunday night night, you can check Kaze, Hustlemill.com, DJ A Minor, and Bishop Omega at Jack Sprat’s in Chapel Hill for one of the premiere Hip Hop Weekly’s in NC. On the second Sunday of every month, they have an emcee battle, and on the third Sunday of every month, they have a producer battle. If you are an artist, you can sign up for the open Mic, get on as a featured artist, or enter one of the battles. Either way, get ready for dope hip hop, strong drinks, and a good time. That is guaranteed…