Hip Hop in it's Purest Form…

I’m Performing Tonight In Richmond…

Once again, Super shoutouts to Poe Mack for inviting me to perform at a couple events on the ShoeString Budget Tour. Tonight, we are performing at Alley Katz in Richmond. I have only performed in the 804 once before, so I am excited to get back. & not only do you have the excitment of seeing me rock, but Nickelus F. will be in the building. If you are unfamiliar with his movement, go to google and wikipedia his ass. You might be pleasantly surprised. Also performing tonight is Poe Mack, Bo Jankans, Jah-I-Witness, Black Liquid, and more. So get out there early and show some support for this dope ass lineup tonight. Hit me up for more info…

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